How To Get The Jinx From League of Legends

The world of competitive League of Legends is filled with secrets and lies. The truth is, the game isn’t nearly as glamorous as it seems on the surface. While it’s enjoyed a steady rise to prominence in the eSports world, its origins are humble and its origins date back to college computer science students trying to earn some extra cash. If you spend any length of time researching or playing League of Legends, you’ll uncover that much dirt. There are wild rumors and outright lies about the game spread by fans, media members,

others in the competitive scene, and even fellow competitors. There are also plenty of stories about how a certain team or strategy was nicked or thieved during play. It can get downright dirty at times! So how do you get the final word on your favorite game? How do you know who’s lying and who’s just trying to spread FUD?

Well, unfortunately for those that don’t care to research their claims (or lack thereof), you can’t just ask them … oh no! That would be cheating! You have to document every single allegation so that you can refute them once they’re made! No sources? No problem, we’ll show you how to get all the proof you need.

The most important lesson to learn about getting to the bottom of rumors is this: trust no one.

Whether it’s the people spreading the rumors, the people with information, or the people that they’re spreading lies about – don’t let anyone into your circle of trust. Always document everything, ask for sources, and don’t take anything at face value. The game can be a lot more fun when you’re at the bottom of your game and the person spreading the rumors is your closest friend.

Always record everything.

When you’re in the thick of a match, there’s almost no point in manually rewinding the camera or pushing the “rewind” button on your controller. That’s where the cloud-free built-in recording function on many smartphones, laptops, and desktop computer comes into play. You can take note of everything that happens during a match, including every word that’s spoken, and save them as a video file so that you can go back and watch the match again if you want to. This can be especially useful if you notice something you missed the first time around.

Ask for sources.

When you’re trying to get the entire story behind a certain allegation, you have to ask the person making the claim. The problem here is that you want to get the whole story behind every claim. And you might as well ask everyone that you know since that person could be holding the actual truth or some pretty big lies. If you’re not willing to do that, then you’re probably not going to get very far with this game.

Look into any shady motives and shady business practices.

There are plenty of shady people in the world and even more shady companies who would love to keep you from getting the truth about their misdeeds. This can be anything from outright lying to using your personal information (like your social security number) to try and get a job or loan modification. Whatever the motivation, it’s always in the best interest of the person that you’re lying about to protect their image. So always be on the lookout for any odd behavior or statements from people in positions of power.

Build your own sources.

You can’t just Google everything and trust that the results will be accurate or helpful. There’s a chance that you’ll find something that will take you down the wrong path? or even worse, lead to you getting scamme. The best way to get your source(s) and build your own source(s) is to go the extra mile and ask the question directly. Ask for paper or email copies of any documents that you’re unsure about. Be sure to ask for the originals as well since some shady people might try and sell you fake docs. Another tip is to always take with you any documents that you’re aske to sign. This could be anything from a contract to a loan modification application. Being extra careful and aware of your surroundings will help you avoid getting hacke or scammed in the future.


Getting to the bottom of rumors in League of Legends isn’t an easy task, but it’s definitely doable! There are plenty of shady characters in the competitive scene. and it’s important to look out for yourself and your team by always recording everything that happens. From there, you can try to go deeper into the claims? and allegations to get the true story behind the lies? Trust no one, but always record everything.

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